How we can help

Here's more detail on what we do selling your business. We:

* Start with a full assessment of business, which involves a thorough in-depth look at all aspects of the business.
* Provide you with a valuation of your business and we discuss your expectations of sale price
* Recommend an asking price and a marketing strategy, to achieve a sale at a premium price
* Sign an 'Authority to Sell' agreement which authorises us to act as your business broker
* Prepare all the necessary documentation complete with all the details that a buyer will require (financials, premises lease, inventory of plant and equipment etc). We check all your documents and make sure they’re complete and up-to-date. This is a true summary of the businesses' activities and markets. This is what we mean by saying ‘all the facts and figures are at your fingertips.'  We will not present a business to a buyer unless we have all this. It’s a waste of both your time, our time and the buyers.
* Place your business on, and, as well as this one.
* Search our database for potential buyers and email out to our complete database.
* Before we provide any information on your business, we require all potential buyers to sign a binding Confidentiality Agreement.
* Carefully qualify and screen all buyers to make sure they have the financial ability to purchase the business. We arrange a meeting with buyer and our finance broker.
* Keep you informed about all potential buyers so you know exactly how everything is progressing.
* Arrange inspections with the buyer at your premises with you attending. This is crucial stage of the sale process and will reveal any concerns or objections that the buyer may have.
* Liase with the buyer's accountant and solicitor and provide any details they may request.
* Prepare the 'Contract to Purchase' which is signed by the buyers and includes the deposit.
* Present you with the contract and together we assess all the aspects of the terms and conditions, and then, you either accept, reject or make a counter-offer..
* Once agreement is reached on all terms and conditions of the contract, it then becomes binding and your business is well on the way to being sold!
* Co-ordinate with the buyer, the banks, the accountants and solicitors to ensure that the contract becomes unconditional by the due date. We keep you informed all the way through this crucial part of the sale.
* Once the contract is unconditional you can start packing! Providing everything goes to plan (and it should) the sale progresses to final settlement on the agreed date, and we then present you with a cheque!