Why A Good Business Broker Is Important For A Successful Outcome

You could try to sell your business yourself. There are several internet sites that specialise in business sales, such as eBay, Gumtree and Biz 121. We often get asked to sell businesses after the owners have failed to sell their business on these sites. They tell us many tales of woe, from countless hours of wasted time with “tyre kickers” who have no money or assets to fund the purchase, cunning competitors who want to access your financials, and new start-up operators who want all the intimate details of how you run your business, your client database and your staff - and then they start in competition to you down the road.

You may be very good at running your business, but selling a business involves a whole different set of skills, which you may not have. Negotiating on your own behalf is a lot harder than having a professional third party negotiate the transaction for you. Buyers don’t like negotiating direct with an owner because they don’t want to insult you or offend you.

Using a broker inevitably involves a cost, but not using a broker often ends in costing you a lot more in time, money and hassles.

Employing Verified to sell your business makes good sense, and here’s why:

  • We have a good success rate established over 19 years selling businesses on the Sunshine Coast and the broader area.
  • The chances are we’ve already spoken to the buyer of your business. Most of our buyers come from either our extensive database or from our highly effective website.
  • Buyers nowadays often start their search for a business on Google using commonly used search words and terms (e.g. “Business sales Sunshine Coast”).
  • Verified’s website ranks higher on Google than any of our competitors.
  • We attract a large number of buyers from overseas; New Zealanders, South Africans, British and European “business migrants”.
  • We pre-qualify all of our buyers. We won’t waste your time with tyre kickers with no money.
  • All Verified brokers are fully trained in business valuation and negotiation.
  • We negotiate hard on the seller’s behalf to deliver a contract on the best terms and conditions.
  • We are a multi award-winning brokerage recognised by our peers for excellence in business.
  • We have a broad range of contacts in accounting, law and finance to ease the flow of the contract for sale.