1. What is your business really worth today?

To establish the most likely selling range for your business in today’s market, Verified Businesses uses a combination of the three most robust methods:

  • Comparative Analysis

  • The Goodwill Method

  • ROI Analysis

We will have all of the information required to perform such a detailed analysis and will provide you with a likely selling range, after conducting a business assessment on your business, which takes about one hour. 

To help refine our assessment of your business, we can accurately compare your business with others of the same type which we have sold. Verified Businesses has a sales database accumulated over many years, which includes all types of businesses; asking prices, selling prices, plant and equipment values, stock, turnover and net profits to help facilitate a comparative analysis. 

We carry out a comprehensive 25 point risk category analysis based on the information gleaned from your business assessment. All of which is necessary in establishing accurate ROI scenarios. We also monitor ROI trends across various industry sectors by using current guideline publications.

We supply extremely ‘open and transparent business assessment reports’ to all of our clients which explains how we arrived at the recommended asking price. This information is also included in the information memorandum given to buyers and their advisors to help support asking prices. 

The service outlined above is unique to Verified Businesses, and typically the reason why more clients choose to buy or sell a business through us over other brokerages or real estate agencies.