9. How we give you the best chance of selling

Verified Businesses offers you the best chance of selling your business by:

Being the most recognised and trusted name in business broking on the Sunshine Coast means most buyers come to us through our high rating website.

Simply put, we have more listings than any other brokerage on the coast which means more buyers, giving you - the seller, the greatest chance of selling your business.

Providing access to a database of potential buyers of businesses on the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas. And using proven marketing strategies to gain fresh buyers, creates competition for your business.

Enlisting the support of professional, experienced and qualified brokers, who actually walk the talk, can assist you every step along the way to successfully selling your business.

Verified Businesses deploys a comprehensive ROI risk analysis of your business, and your business alone, which helps fully support your asking price. 

Verified Businesses has one of the most comprehensive libraries on the sale of businesses on the Sunshine Coast, which can provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate analysis of your business’s true value within the current market.

Verified Businesses is built around sector expertise, an intimate local knowledge gained through wide-ranging client relationships, successfully selling in each sector, and thoroughly understanding the unique facets of each sector. 

Verified Businesses’ ongoing commitment to maintaining our status as the leading business brokerage on the Sunshine Coast means you will not miss one buyer in the market for your type of business, and gives you the best opportunity to achieve the best possible price for your business.

Remember, by not using Verified Businesses brokers, you could be compromising the sale of your business. 

Our goal is to increase competition for your business to get you the best sale price possible.