Confidentiality Agreement Terms and Conditions

Please Read and Understand the terms and conditions before applying for information on any business.

  1. All information supplied is my/our responsibility to verify and confirm. I/we agree not to hold Verified Businesses or its salespersons responsible for its accuracy, liability or loss suffered by me/us in relation to the information contained in any Business Profile/Information Memorandum.
  2. I/We agree that the Business Profile / Information Memorandum supplied are confidential and I/we agree not to disclose them to any other person except our legal, accounting or financial advisors and bankers.
  3. I/We agree not to disclose or to use information or contacts provided to us, to other parties who may become competition.
  4. I/We agree NOT TO CONTACT the sellers or any of their employees at any time prior to settlement of any contract that may be agreed to between ourselves and the seller.
  5. I/We agree that all inspections of the business are to be by an appointment approved and organised through Verified Businesses only.
  6. I/We understand that Verified Businesses relay information of any business provided by the seller in their capacity as a representative of the seller.
  7. I/We understand that Verified Businesses does NOT investigate the truth, or accuracy of any information supplied, or conduct a due diligence process in relation to it, or make professional or other judgement about the materials supplied by any seller.
  8. I/We agree to respect the privacy of the seller and agree to either return or destroy all material related to any businesses if I/we do not proceed with the purchase.
  9. I/We agree to be included in Verified Businesses’ database and to receiving emails regarding any other business that Verified Businesses deems to be a possible purchase by us, and if I/we do not wish to receive any further information, I/we will advise Verified Businesses accordingly.
  10. I/We acknowledge that I/we have read and understood the above conditions and agree to be bound by them.

Click Here for Full Printable Confidentiality Agreement Form.