No matter the business it will always take finding the right buyer, at the right time and ensuring the business is priced in the right range to get the eventful right result.

Over 13 years in business sales on the Sunshine Coast I can honestly say it’s very true, just about all businesses will sell, but sometimes all of or some of these factors must come into play.

Having the business listed at the right price or at least within the correct price range should spark genuine interest as soon as it hits the market.  Perhaps a price adjustment is necessary after enquiries have fallen to again spark interest from someone new.  Sometimes buyers have considered the business at listing but were not comfortable enquiring as their price assessment was different.  Many highly successful people have often said timing is everything and every now and then this can be the main catalyst to get the right buyer.

As a broker we work with buyers way before they find the right business for them and it’s all very much about the relationship between the buyer and the business broker.  Brokers must work with the buyer to determine what business best suits them and ask about their financial capacity, their history and what businesses they have already considered in the past.

I believe the best sale is a planned sale and an exit strategy for a seller is of key significance in a sale process.  It may take time but having your business in the best position to sell means timing & price and the right buyer can all work together to get a simple and timely sale of your business.


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